About Mera Travel Time

Mera Travel Time is the next generation of travel packages for the tourist. It travels through the small family business to the international tourist agency. During this journey, it has taken pride to provide the highest level of satisfaction to the thousands of tourists every year. 

The journey to becoming a well-known tourist agency requires hard work and precise planning. We have gathered the high tourist specialists who have a vast connection in a particular area. Secondly, our priority is to help the beginner travels to provide a complete guide to their destination. 

In this way, we get the certificate of reliability and high-quality services from our content customers. 

Either you are the lone explorer or want to enjoy this holiday for your family; the Mera Travel Time provides every service which you require to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. 

Our roots are spread through India but you can get your booking from our main office in Chandigarh. Australian clients can also get help from our branch office in Australia.